The equicoach has some hidden settings.

if you have any problems, you can check whether you can solve them with the films below

Group setting

Turn on the device

The display appears in succession

• F2

• Group 1 or 0 (left side display) (A device on Group 0 other on Group 1)

• As the last work display

If this order deviates, the system will not wake up.

No F2:

Turn off the device, press and hold - and + at the same time as you turn on the device.

Repeat this until F2 appears while switching on.

Group 0 & 1

1 device must be on Group 1 and the other on Group 0

Turn on the device

Press the - button and then hold down the V button and keep it pressed until CH flashes in the display.

Release buttons and immediately press and hold the V button again until the group number goes to the next number, device will jump to the next group.

Repeat (V button only) until a device is on Group 1 and the other on Group 0