Het system om makkelijk te communiceren in een groep.

CEECOACH werkt zonder GSM netwerk, dus geen abonnementskosten





Met deze nieuwe CEECOACH kunnen 2 tot 6 deelnemers communiceren over een afstand tot wel 500 meter zonder dat daar een GSM netwerk voor nodig is. Er wordt gebruik gemaakt van de welbekende bluetooth technologie.

ceecoach instructieset by equiteacher

ceecoach with storage case

 Berg uw CEECOACH bluetooth instructiesysteem veilig op in de stevige equiteacher opbergkoffer.
Ruimte voor uw CEECOACH systeem en alle accessoires die er bij nodig zijn.


separate unit in order to expand the system ceecoach up to 6 units.

separate unit in order to expand the system ceecoach up to 6 units.

The CEECOACH communication system is based on Bluetooth technology, which allows for a non-interceptible, stable connection. Depending on the needs, two to six users work with the system. This is an extra CEECOACH secondary unit.

• Group Communications to 6 people.
• Stable and safe. Works with Bluetooth technology.
• Highly reliable.
• Perfect voice and audio quality.
• Full duplex. So there can be spoken through one another.
• Range: 500 meters.
• Easy to use.
• Dust and splash-proof
• High battery capacity.

introductiekorting tot 1 september


This CEECOACH 2 is an extension of the first version; the version 2 also supports bluetooth headsets.

Ceecoach is to coach and train groups of up to 5 students. From points of view that were not possible before, you can give direct instructions during the training!

This set comes with 1 wired headset per unit, 1 charging set for 240V and a pants clip.

Each unit can be used as a teacher or student unit. The startup determines the mode. Each teacher can give up to 5 students simultaneously and 1 student can recite at the same time, with or without the group hearing this conversation.


equiteacher storage case

ABS plastic case with a perfect hard foam inside, the way to protect your ceecoach system from damage.
space for 4 units of the ceecoach including all accessories.

Delivery time:1-2 werkdagen
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headset microphone / earphone for two way system

This headset delivers good sound quality.
Neckband falls under each cap

Works perfectly with:

  • equicoach
  • ceecoach
  • whis competition
bestel er 2 of meer en krijg € 2,50 korting
Delivery time:1-5 business days (depending on country)
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Jabra sports headset

When driving, you want a comfortable headset that does not get lost and adjusts. But you do not want the performance to be delivered.
With the Jabra Sport-CORDED headset, this is not the case. You can enjoy superior sound and call quality. In addition, you have the comfort and durability you desire and sports headset.


suitable for:

  • WHIS competition
Delivery time:1-5 business days (depending on country)
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Cable Clothes Clips (5 pieces)

Clothing clip to relieve cables from your instruction set.
Delivery time:1-2 werkdagen
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cross kabeltje

For headsets, there are basically 2 types of connections, most of which work with the "iphone" connection.
Some with the connector that uses nokia for example.
Two-way instructional systems work with the iphone way, so if you have a headset that does not work, this cable can solve the problem.
Delivery time:1-5 business days (depending on country)
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equitrainer duo equestrian instruction set

set for the instruction of two riders simultaneously.

Complete set including storage case

  • 1 x transmitter equiteacher
  • 2 x receiver (earphone) equitrainer
  • 1 x microphone
  • 3 x Charger duo set
  • 1 x equitrainer storage case


Delivery time:1-2 werkdagen en gratis verzonden
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