equicoach instruction set with talk-back function

The instructional system that allows talking back and forth without pressing a button.

The equicoach instruction system is a system where "back and forth" communication between rider and instructor is possible.
So the instructor can talk to the rider without pressing a button and this is also possible the other way around.
The equicoach does not work with bluetooth like other systems, we have deliberately chosen this to have a good range in all circumstances.
Range of the equicoach is at least 250 meters in practice, with most other systems the range is specified under laboratory conditions.


equicoach instruction set with talk-back function including storagebox

The equestrian instruction system that make it possible to talk two ways without even pressing a button.


listen unit for equicoach two-way instruction set

Unit for listening in the equicoach two-way instruction system, with this unit an outsider can listen to the communication between rider and instructor.
Or to use on a sound installation during a clinic.

order contains:
• Listening unit
• charger
• charging cord
• optional earpiece (choose yourself)