new, compact, convenient

the equitrainer is a super-compact earpiece with built-in receiver.
Handy on game if you have to enter the ring and you need to go out, no hassle with cords.

Just take it from your ear and ready.


EQUITRAINER can be delivered as a complete set with transmitter and earpiece, but also separate receivers to receive instructions with more people at the same time.


despite the built-in lithium battery is the equitrainer
nice and compact and not too heavy.

Use anywhere

The range is more than sufficient to be able to reach every arena and hear your coach

By everyone

The equitrainer can be used both ears by the flexible ear hook


The built-in lithium battery is rechargeable and works

 4 to 8 hours.


The sound volume is of course completely
to be set as desired

Not expensive



equitrainer part set

loose bracket and directional gel
Delivery time:1-2 werkdagen
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