instruction system to your own ideas


Iedere ruiter of instructeur heeft natuurlijk zijn eigen idee├źn over hoe de ideale hippische instructieset eruit moet zien.

oortje x en micro y en wel of geen koffer erbij.

Hier kunt u zich helemaal uitleven, vragen bel gerust 06 5388 5390

Create your own wireless equiteacher horse riding instruction system

It all starts with a transmitter and a receiver complete with chargers and charging cord, the rest you fill yourself with ..... or not


CEECOACH instruction, the communication system where no network is needed!

The CEECOACH communication system is based on Bluetooth technology, which allows for a non-interceptible, stable connection. Depending on the needs, two to six users work with the system. A CEECOACH set consists of a main unit and secondary units.