the story behind the equiteacher

After years of selling all kinds of equestrian instruction systems senrun and Sennheiser was us this spring offered a new system.
I must admit, at first I just leave it on work tables with the idea of ​​"what a doll stuff."
My feeling was not the quality I would like to sell, but on a Sunday so you think ......... what do we do once, briefly, but once grasped to see what it does not Could be.

Well earpiece in, micro and daughter love it as a test rider on horseback during a lesson, after two rounds in a remark daughter ...
sounds pretty good "thing."
Next round, I hear nothing more ...... jajajaja confirmed my suspicions, I thought the same.
After a brief check the channel appeared to have changed, channel selection could be very easy to be done .... hmmmmmm

Now the rest of the lesson a concentrated daughter who seemingly could still follow all of the good instructor.
But we're going to see how far this thing works Zoe (daughter) horse had to be gotten out yet and the mile marker, there are still ........ Riding instruction earpiece best results
Okay, just works 300 meters far ........
And when the thing suddenly became a good looking ear :-)
A couple of weeks used during lessons and competitions and actually a bit abusive if I'm honest.
3 months later even sit well imagine what is not tapped, and that was quite a list.

  • Channels could be very easily done by accident.
  • but some 13 channels in competitions especially the big one little bit.
  • frequency range of 863-865 MHz and that's just the band who will be using mobile carriers for data
  • receiver was often forget to turn off.

Thankfully I'm pretty handy with software and hardware, and some things were so modified, channels organize something else and there was a canal lock.
Frequency adjusted in consultation with the manufacturer to an "empty" frequency license is free to use.
and a software follow-up to the rider warned to turn off the receiver.
and finally another crystal provides 99 channels with sufficient channel separation.

Look equiteacher born, nice device for a very neat prize and actually works better than senrun and Sennheiser.

The equiteacher! I feel like saying ............ buy, and money back gurantee.

Jack the Booij