Complete riding lesson communication set

This complete professional communication set is the most sold equestrian communication set at present. Simply the best wireless horse instruction system

• For noise-free, comfortable, affordable hands-free communication ...

• For a perfect connection between trainer and student

• Very clear, clear, uninterrupted commentary or instructions

• Discreet, purposeful and without hindrance from the environment

• Various accessories for hands-free operation

• Multiple users next to each other or with each other

• Distances sufficient for Grand Prix track

Some applications as a source of inspiration ...

• Communication between rider and trainer

• Clinics that require sound reinforcement from the instructor for a public group or class

• Supervision of sports and recreational events

• Sound recording during home video recording

• Interview support

• Professional instructors who demand perfect sound quality in limited movement space

Practical application

Ideal for instructors with mobile students. For example, we think of equestrian sports, skating, cycling, the most sold equestrian communication set neatly in a suitcase parachute, etc. We describe a frequently used application from equestrian sports, more specifically in the discipline of dressage.

The student constantly moves around in a piste and often in a disturbing environment. Co-users of the track, tractors, speakers and spectators provide distractions and limit communication between instructor and rider / rider. Good, uninterrupted communication is of course necessary to achieve good results.


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